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Tobolski Watkins Engineering


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Acquisition immediately boosts capabilities in advanced structural analysis and equipment certification

San Jose, California, USA – Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. is expanding its engineering leadership through the acquisition of Tobolski Watkins Engineering, a leading engineering consulting firm based in San Diego, California, along with its product certification company, TRU Compliance.

Since its founding in 2008, Tobolski Watkins Engineering (TWE) has earned the trust of a wide range of clients for their services in structural, earthquake, and blast engineering of critical systems and facilities. TWE has routinely developed creative and robust engineering solutions to resist extreme event loading in industries such as nuclear power and defense, life sciences, healthcare and government facilities. Key service offerings include: structural engineering, earthquake engineering, advanced analysis for extreme loading and anti-terrorism force-protection consulting. Through TRU Compliance, TWE’s highly respected product certification brand, seismic, wind, and blast certifications are delivered for critical utilities and building systems, with particular emphasis on shake table testing and finite element analysis.

Moving forward, TWE engineers will continue to deliver industry-leading customer service and technical solutions as part of the larger Structural Integrity team. “It isn’t often that I find a consulting engineering firm so well aligned with our culture, values, focus on innovation and commitment to the success of our clients”, said Matt Tobolski, PhD, SE, “I am personally excited to be part of the SI team and continue to deliver quality solutions that solve some of the industry’s most challenging problems. By combining forces, we will be able to offer expanded solutions to our clients and tackle larger projects throughout the world.”

“We look forward to integrating their innovation, resources and skills within the Structural Integrity organization by combining our structures groups along with TRU Compliance into a new Business Unit – Critical Structures and Facilities”, said Laney Bisbee, CEO of Structural Integrity. “Their mission, goals, and values for innovative solutions and top quality service closely matches ours to make this expanded service beneficial to all clients.”

Through the acquisition, Structural Integrity and Tobolski Watkins Engineering expand its presence throughout the country with offices in San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA, Oakland, CA, Irvine, CA, Akron, OH, Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, Denver, CO, Parsippany, NJ and State College, PA along with international affiliates in Canada, China, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan.


Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures, with a strong presence in the power generation industry. With headquarters in San Jose, CA, Structural Integrity serves clients worldwide through branch offices located throughout the US and Canada, as well as through affiliates located in China, Taiwan, Korea, Switzerland and Spain. Structural Integrity’s expertise encompasses a broad range of issues critical to the commercial success of both fossil-fired and nuclear power plants, oil and gas pipelines and the process industries.


How will the merger affect the work I’m currently doing with Tobolski Watkins or TRU Compliance?

TWE’s technical staff and leadership has joined the ranks of Structural Integrity. Current projects are being completed by the same engineering staff as before the merger. We will continue to deliver the high quality technical solutions and customer service you have come to expect.

How will the merger affect future work with Tobolski Watkins or TRU Compliance?

New proposals will be on Structural Integrity letterhead, but the services offered will remain the same. We will still offer industry leading structural engineering, with seismic, wind, and blast certification under our TRU Compliance brand and shake table testing with our SeismicTestCo brand. Existing proposals sent before the merger are still valid up to 90 days from the date they were sent.

What will be the effect on the nuclear-grade Quality Assurance Program?

Initially, TWE will continue to operate their NQA-1 compliant quality assurance program where required by existing contracts and customers. Structural Integrity’s NQA-1 compliant program will be transitioned into new projects once TWE staff are properly trained on it and customers complete any necessary audits.

How will contracts and billing be handled moving forward?

TWE’s contracts are being assigned to Structural Integrity. SI will take over billing the engineering services provided in accordance with agreed upon fees and billing terms starting in June 2017. Starting in June, PO’s made out to Tobolski Watkins and/or TRU Compliance will require payment to Structural Integrity Associates, Inc per the instructions that will accompany the invoice. Our corporate services team will provide the proper paperwork for onboarding as a supplier as needed. Invoices received from Tobolski Watkins or TRU Compliance through May 2017 are due and payable to those companies at existing remittance addresses.

Is the phone, email, or physical address for TWE staff changing?

Telephone numbers will remain unchanged. All emails sent to the or extension will forward to employees’ new email addresses. Email addresses convention will be:

<First Initial><Last Name>, such as for Matt Tobolski.

The San Diego Office will be moving in early June to the following location:

5435 Oberlin Dr.

San Diego, CA 92121


The Oakland and Redmond, OR office locations will remain unchanged.

Are founders Matt Tobolski and Derrick Watkins also joining Structural Integrity?

Matt and Derrick are thrilled to be joining Structural Integrity in a new business area called “Critical Structures and Facilities”. They will be reporting directly to the CEO Laney Bisbee as Executive Advisors and will continue to manage projects and deliver solutions to our great clients.

Matt Tobolski, PhD, SE –

Derrick Watkins, PhD, SE –

Where can I learn more about Structural Integrity Associates?

Learn more at our website,