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Tobolski Watkins Engineering

Testing & Certification

Tobolski Watkins Engineering, Inc. is a leader in the execution of a wide range of analysis, testing and certification programs for IBC, CBC, OSHPD and nuclear applications. Our staff includes recognized experts and leaders in the development and implementation of SSC code provisions. We maintain NQA-1 compliant QA and are one of a few Certified Seismic Qualification Agencies.

  • Generic & project specific certification
  • Certification via analysis and testing
  • Preparation and defense of submittals
  • ICC-ES AC 156, IEEE 344 & 693
  • OSHPD OSP & OPA, CAN 2-1708A.5, IBC 1708.4
  • Static, Quasi-Static, Cyclic & Dynamic Testing

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